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Khadija Mbowe in town, poised to promote her music

Dec 24, 2010, 2:37 PM

Khadija Mbowe, Amercan-Gamban musician is currently in the Gambia to promote her music as well as to join with some Gambian artists in order to promote her music. During her stayed, she visited the Unique FM and other media houses.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment on Thursday at the point Newsroom, Khadija Mbowe said she is working on her album adding that she has worked some of the tracks. This is my first album and the album will have 12-tracks. The young female musician explained that she would continue to play music when she gets the instruments. Gambia is my first country to promote my music, she added. Khdija Mbowe came in the country since September this year and has been busy promoting her music at the studios. The young American musician is expected to be on stage at Duplex Night Club where she is expected to treat-party people on Sunday night. Khadija Mbowe will also be performing together with The Gambian famous musician Freaky Joe on Monday at the Paradise FM.

Touching on the Gambia music system, the young musician said the music system in The Gambia depends on the support of the people, noting that others don’t take music seriously. Khadija Mbowe called on more support from the people.

Profile of Khadija Mbowe

Khadja Mbowe is a daughter of two Gambians, Alhagie Mbowe and Yassin Jallow, who migrated first to Norway, United States and then Canada. Khadija was born in New Harlem - the centre of music - in 1992. She came to this world ready to be an entertainer, she said. Khadija was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, with four siblings, but said growing up in the western world is an easy experience.

At her early age, her dad was a student and her mum was the only one working. After the age of five, she had another sister and after nine a brother. “We all love the American dream, which leads both her mother, father and aunt to America, but it is the most hard of experience in life,” she said.

She said the little she could remember before things got better is not as pretty as she would want. Khadija did her elementary and part of her middle school in Georgia. While in elementary school she thought she was ugly because she is a black African as she never realised how black is beautiful until she came for holidays. She said that in America being of African decent and being very dark in colour is the most difficult experience for African kids.

Khadija graduated from school in June and took a break of six months to go back to her roots to seek prayers and record a demo.

One thing she believes in is prayer because even though she was born and raised abroad her dad ensured she study and understand the Koran.