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Gamcel's Ramadam Campaign Deserves Commendation

Sep 8, 2008, 7:35 AM

The current promotional campaigns of The Gambia Cellular Company (Gamcel), the country's national GSM operator, of the 100 bags of rice offer to their subscribers is indeed commedable. The national GSM operator is offering 100 bags of rice weekly totalling 400 bags of rice for the whole month of Ramadan.

Gamcel didn't just stop at that, but last week also donated 1,000 bags of sugar to the Muslims in the country through the Islamic Council. In fact donating sugar to Muslims during this Ramadam is a tradition for Gamcel. The company deserves the good prayers of all Muslims particularly during this rewarding month. This latest campaign by Gamcel is not only timely but most rewarding.

Food is essential for life as no one can live without it. By giving rice to people you are promoting their general wellbeing. By this kind of promotional campaign, Gamcel is contributing towards alleviating poverty in this country.

One interesting thing about this offer is that you are not only giving it to one person or few out of many but to a lot of your subscribers. For the purpose of transparency, the weekly draws will be held live on GRTS and the winners will be notified by calls and SMS messages as well.

Every Muslim knows the value of rice and sugar particularly in this holy month of Ramadan, as the two are widely use in this month and the offer will also encourage people in their fasting.

Its said that if you offer food for someone fasting to break his or her fast you will be equally be rewarded as him or her who fasts the whole day without taking anything from his reward. Its also said that when some fasting prays for one its likely to be accepted by God to that regards, then Gamcel will be receiving a lot of blessings during this month.

The Ramadan promotion of Gamcel is going alongside its five brand new cars promotion which speaks volumes of the GSM giant's resolve in changing the lives of not only one or two Gambians but many Gambians and non-Gambians alike residing in this country. These and other interesting promotions that the company is carrying out are an indication that you are not only out to maximise profit but rather to alleviate poverty in this country.

Gamcel, your 100-scholarship offer, 10 Hajj tickets, 50 generators and 50 TVs are all indication of the fulfilment of your corporate social responsibility. These offers, in the long run, cannot be easily compared to others.

Keep up the good work to continue surprising your customers so as to retain them.

We encourage other GSM operators to emulate Gamcel's gesture by offering similar kind gestures to their customers.

We should also at this time recognise the wonderful gesture of businessman and philanthropist Modou Turo Darboe who has donated 350 bags of rice to help people at this time of fasting, prayer and contemplation. May the blessings of Allah be his reward.