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Gambega Ltd. Donates to SOS Children's Village

Sep 9, 2008, 6:33 AM | Article By: By Lamin B. Darboe

In  the spirit  of the  Muslim  month  of  Ramadan  Coca-Cola  Gambega  Limited  has  extended  its  helping  hand  to the  SOS  Children's  village  in  Bakota.  Speaking  at  the  presentation  ceremony  held  at  the SOS Children's  Village Bantaba  last  Friday, the  Human  Resources  Manager  at  Gambega  LTD,  Mr. Saja  Sambou,  said  his  company  was  pleased  to  donate  different  items  worth  over  D45,000  to the  Orphans  and  abandoned  Children  at  SOS Children's  Village  as  one  way  of  sharing  and  charring  during  the  holy  month  of  Ramadan.   He also said it allows his  company  to  showcase  Coca-Cola  companies'  long-standing  partnership with  SOS International  and  SOS  in  The  Gambia in particular. According to Mr.  Sambou,  his  company  hopes  that  the  items  donated will  go  a  long  way  in meeting  some of  the  constraints  at  the  SOS  Children's  Village. "Gambega Ltd.  will  always  care  and  share  with  the  needy  children  of  the  World," he said. He added  that  investing  in the  orphans  and  abandoned  children  is  a  noble  gesture. He  revealed  that  his  company  has  given a lot  of  assistance  to  the  SOS  Children's  Village  in The  Gambia  and  promised  that his  company  will  continue  to  do  more.

In receiving the items, Madam Oumou  Tall, acting  Director SOS  in The Gambia,  said SOS in  The  Gambia  is  a long  time  partner  to Gambega  Ltd. She  said  Gambega  has  contributed  immensely  to  the  success  of  many  activities  at  SOS  in  The  Gambia. "This  kinds  of  assistance  is  what  SOS  Children  are  looking  for  because  they  are orphans  and  needy children  who  cannot  do  anything  for  themselves," director  Tall stated. She  said helping  the  needy  children  is  part  of  fulfilling the  humanitarian  crusade  and  she  revealed  that  SOS  in The Gambia  is  also  extending  its  hand to  the  needy  children  at  the  community  level  in  The  Gambia. She  said SOS in The Gambia is  assisting  536  needy  children  in Western  Region  and  promised  Gambega  Ltd.  that  the  items  donated  will  be  put  into  good  use. According  to  Director  Tall, Gambega  was the  first  institution  in The  Gambia  to  donate  to  her  institution during this  years  Ramadan and  she  called  on  other  institutions  in  the  country  to emulate  Gambega Ltd.  for their  wonderful  presentation.

Present were the assistant director SOS Children's Village, Mr. Omar  Beyai, SOS  mothers  and  children, Malanding  Bojang  Sales  and  Marking  Supervisor  Gambega  Ltd., Madi  Jallow  Sales  Supervisor, Momodou  Marong  assistant  accountant  and  Bakary    Jammeh  administrative  assistant at  Gambega  Ltd. The  vote  of  thanks  was  delivered  by  Mrs. Haddy  Njie  Touray the  Director  SOS Children's  Village. The items  donated  were, 37 roma classic bed sheets, 10 bags of rice, three bags of onions, three bags of Irish potatoes, 11 Milgro full cream milk  powder tins, 22 Dettol antiseptic Germicidal cream, 11 Bleach classic bottles, 28 mattresses, 10 gallons of Soybeans oil  and  five bags of sugar.