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Gambian Imam in the UK preaches honesty and sincerity

May 9, 2017, 10:11 AM | Article By: Alhagie Mbye, The Point’s Europe Correspondent

There are several Gambian and Senegalese Imams in Europe who are not only leading prayers across European towns and cities but also contributing to the welfare and interests of their countrymen on the continent.

Imam Mohamed Sarr, of the Forest Gate Mosque in London, United Kingdom, is one of the Gambian religious leaders recognised for such important efforts and his contribution.

Delivering his usual sermon during last Friday’s prayers, Imam Sarr once again reminded people of their obligations and urged his congregation to be ‘honest, sincere and God-fearing’ in the midst of the uncertain circumstances facing them.

He also stressed that everyone should be aware and always be ‘ready to assist one another’. He added that they must also see to it that the ‘obligation to our creator be fulfilled at all times’.

The congregation, attended by not only Senegambians but other nationalities including members of the Asian community, also discussed issue of ‘collective responsibility, thoughtfulness and respect for one another’.

Imam Sarr also reminded everyone that ‘Ramadan is fast approaching and thus we should be prepared and live up to expectations’. He further narrated the history of other prophets; their struggle in the midst of undecided people including their family members and their positive contributions over the years.

The Gambian religious leader quoted certain verses of the Koran and added that, ‘people will be rewarded for their good deeds’. However he quickly added that ‘negative deeds will equally receive negative results unless the person is sincerely repentant’.

Imam Sarr, who regularly reminded people to look after each other, especially in times of need, also stressed the ‘importance of togetherness, respect for the law and regards for our neighbours during several previous sermons.

The Imam, who is widely honored in the community, also works tirelessly with a special committee who are in regular contact with the people and engaging, advising and supporting them in different areas.

Taking into consideration the numerous issues facing people from different walks of life; the Imam urged them to ‘respect rules where the authorities are concerned and be ‘determined but cautious’ in dealing with such challenges.

Gambians, who are well known to be law abiding, hardworking and ambitious, were praised for their contribution towards the ‘welfare and preservation’ of the mosque.

Soon after the Friday prayers, some Gambians gathered outside, greeting and complimenting one another, inquiring about and discussing issues back home.

This correspondent met certain committee members who expressed appreciation for The Point Newspaper’s contribution as well as its tireless efforts in reporting and informing society.

Our correspondent also responded by reassuring them that during his recent visit to The Gambia, The Point’s management expressed its gratitude to Gambians abroad and its willingness to continue serving the public despite difficult circumstances.