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Gambia College lecturers capacitised on human rights issues

Jun 30, 2014, 9:47 AM

The UNESCO National Commission (NATCOM) recently held a day-long sensitization session on human rights for Gambia College lecturers held at the auditorium of the Brikama campus.

The objective of the activity, according to the organizers, was to build the capacities of the lecturers at the Gambia College School of Education on human rights issues, and to help them develop training kits on human rights education.

Isatou Ndow, head of the school of education, said the sensitization on human rights education, and the development of the training kits for teachers on human rights education, was meant to enhance the capacities of teachers and students for better schools.

According to her, human rights, child rights, women’s rights and even animal rights are very important, and must be respected if people are to live amicably and peacefully in society, the communities and the nation at large.

“As teachers, we interact with children and knowing the importance of the rights of everybody would help us in our teaching and learning in schools,” Ms Ndow said.

Child rights are about guiding the child on the right track through helping the child in making sure that he/she does A and B, and that their rights must be protected at all levels.

Abubacarr Jallow, the registrar at Gambia College, said human rights are fundamental in human development and such issues should be the concern of all, adding that targeting teachers in this crusade was very important for the fact that teachers have direct interaction with school children and the children look up to teachers as a role model.

“It is important to expose teachers to such training and sensitization, since teachers have a direct interaction with the school children. The fundamental thing one should know is that we should learn to live in peace to ensure a society free from violence,” Mr Jallow added.

He commended UNESCO NATCOM for targeting Gambia College and the organizers for the desire to capacitate lecturers on basic human rights issues.

The outgoing Secretary General of NATCOM, Yayah Almatar Jobe, said it was part of their mandate to promote and preach peace, and to ensure peaceful coexistence in the country.

He said human rights are issues for all, and that life cannot endure without the observance of these basic rights.

According to him, human rights are achieved through peace and conflict resolution; noting that abuse of people’s rights always results in conflict.

He added that everybody should enjoy the fundamental human rights guaranteed by the supreme law of the country, the constitution.

Jobe urged the participating teachers to extend the information to their colleagues and students during interaction, adding that it was the responsibility of all and sundry to know his/her fundamental rights so as to effectively function as good and patriotic citizens.