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APC Gambia branch opens new secretariat

Jun 30, 2014, 9:44 AM

The All Peoples Congress (APC) Gambia branch recently opened its new secretariat in Serrekunda, attended by a delegation from the Sierra Leonean government, as well as senior government officials from The Gambia.

In his speech, Ibrahim Koroma, chairman of the APC branch in The Gambia, welcomed their guests from Sierra Leone. This was in recognition the organisation in The Gambia, but also for having a secretariat which was the first of its kind in the diaspora.

Koroma said the membership drive of the party, being one of the main initiatives in their plan of action, was ongoing and moving in the right direction.

The initiative in having a secretariat was to facilitate easy access for party members and Sierra Leoneans at large, to be able to easily have access to information on achievements and ongoing developments under the leadership of Dr Ernest Bai Koroma back home.

The secretariat becomes the centre to enable a single member, for instance, to capture all that it takes to influence and be able to convince other Sierra Leoneans at large to come on board in their thousands and to give support to the party in times of need.

The secretariat also serves as a centre where political activities are to be coordinated.

The awareness of an address for the secretariat would further facilitate regular payments of dues and contributions in time.

“As a branch of the party in the Diaspora, we are aware that the office space is limited to a certain degree, but we also have plans to improve on it as much as we could in the very near future,” he added.

The strength of the party is currently in the hundreds, and very soon Sierra Leoneans would be able to converge here for APC meetings and other political activities in their thousands, he said.

“Our plan of action will get bigger, which means our secretariat will have to be expanded further to accommodate more in the near future,” he said.

As a political body, they would welcome support of any kind to enable this secretariat achieve the set goals for 2017-2018, Koroma announced.