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NSC ‘meet the associations tour’ is meant to ensure they are more active

Jan 31, 2020, 2:23 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Marcel Mendy, Executive Secretary of the National Sports Council (NSC)  said that his council’s tour of meeting with associations under NSC is meant to ensure that they (associations) are more active, efficient and effective.

Mr Mendy added that the idea to meet associations was born out of the fact that they want the NSC to get closer to national sport associations but also ensure national associations get closer to the NSC.

During the tour the NSC also find out things that the  associations are doing and plan to do as well as their constrains.

“We also want to enhance monitoring of associations to ensure they are more active, efficient and effective”, he also explained, saying the more associations know someone is watching them the more they will sit up and do the right things.

He noted that if associations do the right thing at all times our sports will move to another level and athletes will do much better.

“We want to ensure athletes do very well but that cannot happen if associations do not do well,’’ he went on.

Mr Mendy highlighted that associations really need to work hard in the interest of athletes and the country.

He pointed out that they believe with the tour things will change for the better and hopefully we will start winning more medals in the near future.

He remarked that some associations have to improve on their relationship with athletes, among themselves as executive, with stakeholders, their level of commitment, athlete selection, administration, their leagues and national championships but was quick to add that this does not apply to all associations. According to him for sports to move to another level in the country, we all have responsibilities to come together and contribute our quotas.

In conclusion he said the Government should ensure required funding is available but that athletes also have responsibilities to perform better to give positive publicity. “If all of us contribute our quotas our sports will develop sooner than later”.