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Former KMC deputy mayor’s trial progresses

Dec 15, 2014, 11:22 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

The case involving the former deputy mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, Yusupha Sanyang, continued on 10 December 2014 before Magistrate Jobarteh of the Kanifing court.

Sergeant 544 Jaiteh, who was holding brief for Sub-Inspector Oley Bobb, asked Lamin Saho, the complainant, to get into the witness box to continue his testimony.

Lamin Saho told the court that the accused, Yusupha Sanyang, telephoned his partner who told him (the accused) that they would travel at midnight on 18 April 2014.

On 17 April 2014, they went to Dakar with the accused; they went to a hotel and then proceeded to the airport.

At the airport, a man met them and the Sanyang told them that the man was a police officer, who was not in uniform and did not show them a police ID card.

Mr Saho further testified that Sanyang asked him to give the man 100 Euros. He told the accused that this was not the agreement, and Sanyang said he would refund him the 100 Euros.

Saho gave 100 Euros to Lamin Joof who gave it to Sanayang, who did not refund him the 100 Euros.

Mr Saho further told the court that Sanyang gave them an air ticket for Morocco, and the “police officer” went with him to the check-in desk.

Their passports, which were given to them by Sanyang, were handed to the officer at the check-in desk.

However, they were not allowed to fly.

They returned to the hotel, and Sanyang told them that he was going to meet his partner.

Mr Saho further told the court that Sanyang and his partner came to them and said they had changed the air ticket to fly to Turkey. Sanyang then asked them to lend him money; that when they travel he would refund them.

Saho told the court he then gave Sanyang 600 Euros, for himself and Lamin Joof.

The agreement they made with Sanayang was for the accused to be given four weeks to procure a visa for them.

When they could not travel, they returned to The Gambia.

At this juncture, Sergeant 544 Jaiteh showed Mr Saho the agreement document, which he identified.

Sergeant 544 Jaiteh then applied to tender the document. It was shown to the accused who objected to tendering the document.

Yusupha Sanyang said he objected because it was a separate agreement between him and the witness.

Magistrate Jobarteh, however, admitted the document, and said its weight would be determined by the court.

Continuing his testimony, Mr Saho told the court that they did not recover their money and their passports.

After he completed his testimony, Yusupha Sanyang was asked whether he had questions for Mr Saho.

Mr Sanyang asked the witness whether he was the one who approached him or was Saho who approached him; when Mr Saho went to him for the visa transaction.

Mr Saho told the court that he went to Sanyang to help him.

Asked by Sanyang whether he knew one Pa Saikou Camara, the witness said he knew him in Dakar, but not in The Gambia, and that he spoke to Pa Saikou Camara before they travelled to Dakar.

Sanyang then said it took more than eight weeks to procure the documents, but the witness denied this.

Under cross-examination, Mr Saho said the accused gave them a document before travelling to Dakar, and he denied that Sanyang told them that they would discuss before they travelled to Dakar.

When they asked the accused about the document, Sanayang told them it was for ‘on arrival’.

Sanyang asked Saho whether he was forced to lend him the 100 Euros, and the witness said they agreed to lend him the 100 Euros.

Mr Saho told the court that the reason they said Pa Saikou Camara was Sanyang’s partner was because, whatever he gave to the accused, would deal with Pa Saikou Camara.

Saho denied siding with Pa Saikou Camara, when Sanyang wanted to fight Pa Saikou Camara.

Sanyang asked the witness whether he told him that he works for an embassy, and Saho responded that it was Sanyang who confirmed that he procures visas for people.

The case was subsequently adjourned for continuation of cross-examination.