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Exciting moment of wrestling in Kunkujang this weekend

Mar 19, 2010, 2:33 PM

Dekally Sunu Chosan or reviving our culture in English, a committee of young people committed to promoting culture through wrestling will this weekend stage a grand wrestling contest between Khoyantan and Kerr Jagleh from Senegal and Bolong from Abdou Janneh.

The combat will take place at Kunkujang Keitaya Village Wrestling Park, along the Tabokoto Coastal road highway on Sunday, 21st March 2010.

The first combat will take place on Saturday 20th March 2010, between Sokol and Yarreh, while the second combat will be between Nyollo Nyallo and Mboran, on the same day.

According to Omar Bah Touray, the President of Dekally Sunu Chosan, all is set for the Saturday's and Sunday's grand combats.

"All are welcome to feel the taste of promoting culture through sports. We have been organising the events for a year now and it is attracting more and more attention.

"What we need is the sponsorship of the event to enable us improve the infrastructure, to make spectators enjoy their weekend better.

"We are organising the wrestling competition to promote mutual understanding, unity and peace through the culture of wrestling,” these were the words of Touray.

Burr Touray as he is commonly known stated that they have been pushing ahead with wrestling activity, through self-sponsorship initiative.

"We are in need of sponsorship to improve the wrestling to higher heights," he said.

He called on the cellular companies, banks and other business sectors to invest in wrestling by sponsoring the event.

Meanwhile, Fire defeated Mandaur in a grand combat last Saturday.

Both Palasorr and Fire also wrestled Bwasang Junior down last Saturday.

Nyollo Nyollo also wrestled down Mandour, while Njarmew defeated Wissang and Sierra Loene went nil against Samary.

The following day, Sunday 14th March Mandaw wrestled down Lichin two times in last weekend grand combat.