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Essence of African Liberation Day

May 24, 2016, 11:11 AM

Tomorrow is May 25, which is African Liberation Day, a day set aside by African people the world over to commemorate Africa’s path to political, economic and social freedom from imperialism and subjugation.

African Liberation Day (ALD) was born out of the conscious struggle of African People against oppression.

In 1958 on the occasion of the First Conference of Independent African States held in Accra, Ghana, attended by representatives from eight independent African states, the 15th of April was declared African Freedom Day, “to mark each year the onward progress of the liberation movement in Africa, and to symbolize the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation”.

At a glorious meeting by African heads of states in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1963, May 25 was declared as African Liberation Day (ALD).

This important, historic event is every year observed in various places worldwide since its inception and has now been institutionalised in Africa as a public holiday by African heads of state. Therefore in The Gambia the day is observed as a national holiday.

African Liberation Day serves as a bedrock upon which African people the world over can rededicate ourselves to the struggle for Pan-Africanism, which is the total liberation and unification of Africa under One Socialist Government.

Africa needs our talents, our creative thinking and our energy to set up the industries that would industrialise the continent, bring about development and make it the giant it was centuries ago.

African Liberation Day gives African people a chance to become more politically educated about the history and current reality of Africa; in addition to Africa’s relationship to the struggles of other oppressed people of the world.

The Day is a chance to hear directly from women, men and youth who are on the frontline of struggle for Pan-Africanism, and other just struggles.

It is a chance to celebrate our glorious and rich culture.

But most importantly, ALD is a chance to rededicate our energies and our commitment to the African Revolution - to the growth and development of the continent.

"Africa needs our talents, our creative thinking and our energy to develop it."

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