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Ebola Update:

Aug 14, 2014, 12:21 PM

According to what we gathered from international media reports, Guinea Bissau on Wednesday closed its borders with Guinea Conakry to prevent the Ebola virus disease from reaching the country.

The health authorities advised the people not to gather in large numbers and to stop shaking hands. They also advised people to be washing their hands frequently.

Nigeria yesterday announced a third patient victim of the virus. The person was working at the ECOWAS Commission secretariat in Abuja. He was the one who hosted the Liberian who brought the virus to Nigeria and later died.

Currently there are 189 cases to be examined in Nigeria.

The Peoples Republic of China has donated Liberia $1.7 million to buy medicines and equipment.

Already 32 Liberian medical officers have died from the virus.

Two priests who were living in Liberia, a Ghanaian and a Spanish national, also succumbed to the Ebola virus disease.

Benin had two patients, who tested negative.

Ghana had 37 cases, all of which tested negative. However, students are staying away from schools.

Japan has ordered all its citizens working on technical assistance missions in the Ebola affected areas to return home.

Bukina Faso has introduced new measures at the airports of Ouagadougou and Bobodioulaso. All passengers going and coming should be tested, particularly their temperature and they are asked to give their contact numbers or address.

Meanwhile, Canada has made available to WHO a made-in-Canada experimental Ebola vaccine for use in the West African outbreak response.

Germany had also ordered all national in the affected areas to leave and return home.