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Dumpsite as health hazard

Dec 8, 2009, 1:23 PM

It has cost the Gambian taxpayers over fifty million Dalasi to have the Bakoteh dumpsite sorted out. That place should not be left to get back to its deplorable and unhygienic condition.

We urge the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), given its track record of excellence, to take up full responsibility to ensure that the Bakoteh dumpsite is well taken care of.

It is unsighting to see some of those unpleasant things at the dumpsite.

If no urgent action is taken, it will slowly but surely become worst. The residents in the area have suffered enough to find themselves in the same situation again.

How can so much money be pumped into the project, only to return to its unwanted, pathetic and affecting state of condition within a few ages of life?

While there are many ways of determining what?s real in terms of development, perhaps the most revealing thing is gauged in terms of time and priority. But one thing we would also like to highlight here is for the people to also change their attitudes towards dumping around at that site. It is our collective responsibility in ensuring that our environment is free from hazards. In unison we shall surely make the difference!

"It is not to live but to be healthy that makes a life."