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Dr Aboubacar Senghore wins 2013 Gusi Peace Prize

Jun 13, 2014, 11:07 AM

Dr Aboubacar Abdullah Senghore, the minister of Foreign Affairs, has been awarded the Gusi Peace Prize for 2013. The Gusi Peace Prize Foundation based in Manila, Phillipines, announced the award in a letter to Dr Senghore.

It said the “award for great achievers of the world” is given to Dr. Senghore for “your untiring efforts, working for people’s amelioration, to find peaceful solutions for people’s welfare through advocacy in international human rights.”

It added: “Your significant contribution as current Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of The Gambia, and as former dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the UTG, as a founding member of the Association of the Faculties of Humanities and Social Science of African Universities; as executive member and communications secretary of the Executive Bureau of the Network of African Islamic Organizations on Population and Development; as executive secretary and founding member of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council; and, as founding member of the Coalition of Human Rights Defenders in The Gambia.”

The citation also referred to Dr. Senghore’s “administrative and research activities that deal with international human rights and humanitarian activism, international law, international relations and international organizations, international law of human rights and cultural relativism; comparative human rights law; constitutional and criminal law; good governance and democratic studies; Islamic studies including Islamic law and Islamic civilization - all these accomplishments and achievements have made you a living paradigm for others to emulate, not only in The Gambia but throughout Africa, Europe, the United State of America, Asia and the international community.”