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Dou Sano claims solidarity march was not to defend Barrow

Jan 14, 2020, 1:24 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Deputy political adviser to President Adama Barrow said the Sunday solidarity march was not to defend his employer but the constitution.

Dou Sano argued that with Barrow or without Barrow, the constitute will govern anybody who becomes president of The Gambia

Mr. Sano made this revelation in an interview with reporters at a solidarity march organised by The Gambia For 5 Years and Peace Building on Sunday.

The Sunday march has seen thousands of protesters marching from Sting Corner to Denton Bridge along the Banjul-Serre Kunda Highway to show solidarity with President Adama Barrow. A petition that is calling of Mr. Barrow to serve five years was handed to a senior government officer.

Mr. Sano further noted that the country’s constitution is the supreme law of The Gambia which everyone should follow.

“The Gambia would not be governed by an agreement but what is stated in the constitution,” he said.

According to him, he was not marching as a political adviser to the president but a citizen who would do anything to defend the constitution of The Gambia.

“I am here to defend my constitution and the one I voted for, that’s five years mandate,” he said.

He added that Gambians should respect the Will of God and that of the constitution so that peace can continue to reign in the country.

Maimuna Bandeh, national women’s mobiliser, The Gambia For 5 Years and Peace Building, said the solidarity march was to support President Barrow and also defend the constitution.

“We came all out to show the whole world that we support President Barrow to go for five years as mandated by the constitution. The three years agreement was a verbal one.”

She called on Gambians to maintain peace and stability of the country, adding that they came all out to show their oneness for the country.

 Hon. Fatoumatta K. Jawara, the NAM for Tallinding, said she was not part of the solidarity march as a National Assembly Member (NAM) but a concern citizen who came to defend the constitution.