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Consumer rights

Mar 21, 2012, 11:56 AM

The right to choice is very vital when it comes to consumer rights. The day is a day meant for consumers all over the world.

It equally avails us the opportunity to reflect on their challenges and strengths for the way forward.

The day is very important as it will give a platform to hear from the consumers about their rights, interests and concerns.

We have no doubt that if laws are put in place, it will protect consumers as well as ensure fair trade and competition.

We will welcome the idea for consumers to join consumers’ agencies that will represent their interest, thus helping them find a better deal, among others.

However, we commend the move by the Gambia Competition Commission (GCC) that recently convened a seminar to review the draft consumer protection bill.

This bill when enacted seeks to protect consumers, as well as to ensure fair trade and competition.

Consumer rights when considered will promote effective competition in financial services markets, ensuring real choice and better deals for consumers.

We finally remind our authorities of the need for a body of laws which specifies what would happen if a consumer of a product or service is damaged.

In some shops in the country, they make it clear that goods sold there could not be returned. So there is a need to empower consumers so as to have more value for their monies.

As we celebrate the day, we must not lose sight of the plight of poor consumers in the country. The soaring price of basic commodities such as rice, sugar, among others, should be a source of concern for consumer protection activists.

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