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The Gambia ranks 29th in Africa

Feb 28, 2014, 11:13 AM

For the first time a global ranking measures the “search engine” appeal of countries in the fields of Tourism and Investment.

The Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © 2013 is based on a global scale research that measures, among other variables, the number of searches produced every year by potential tourists and investors about every nation.

In Africa, the Gambia ranks 29th in Tourism, out performing Sierra Leone (34) and Guinea-Bissau (39) but positioned below Senegal (15).

The most popular online searches were about “safari”, “nightlife” and “bird watching”.

In Trade, The Gambia is found in the 42nd position, below Senegal (19), Guinea (31) and Sierra Leone (38).

Potential investors were more interested in the “cost of living”, “corruption level” and “infrastructure & logistics facilities”. These categories together hold half of all searches produced by potential investors in 2013. Source: www.bloom-consulting.com