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‘Community radios essential tool for community development’

Aug 26, 2016, 10:16 AM | Article By: Saidou S. Baldeh

(Thursday August 25th, 2016 Issue)

The national coordinator of the Network of Community Radios - The Gambia, Yusupha Bojang, has said that the historically, community radios serve as the mouthpiece of rural communities and a tool for development.

He pointed out that community radio by default has three characteristics: non-profit making, community ownership and control, and community participation.

In an interview with GRTS West Coast Region correspondent, Mr Bojang said community radios are integral part of the community as they have become an essential tool for community development.

“Community radio stations are the best standard bearers of our culture,” he said. 

Mr Bojang lamented the lack of training for local producers, saying with basic training, the local producers will be able to create programmes using local voices.

In this vein, he commended Media Agenda for not only building the capacity of community radio broadcasters but also providing materials to enhance staff performance