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Sam Sarr - Editor Foroyya Newspaper

Dec 16, 2008, 5:46 AM

I believe it has been four years today since Deyda Hydara was gunned down. It is a day that no person in the journalism fraternity in The Gambia can forget, being a noble profession that provides information as and an institution that scrutinises the executive and other parts of society.

Deyda did what he was supposed to do in pursuing his profession and he served as a source of information to those who are in the profession. A journalist is one who pursues the truth in good faith and in the public interest; and therefore needs protection. It's been four years and unfortunately, there is no sign that any investigation into the matter has been or is being conducted. This indeed has been lamented by journalists and friends of Deyda Hydara over and over again but we have yet to see any response to such calls or demands.

The killing of Deyda Hydara reflects the suppression of freedom of expression and no peace-loving person would leave any stone unturned to pursue the criminals that gunned him down on the 16thof December 2004. Those criminals must be brought to justice.