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CNAG observes 30th Anniversary of CRC in The Gambia

Nov 27, 2019, 2:08 PM | Article By: Sanna Jallow

The Children’s National Assembly of The Gambia (CNAG), Saturday observed the thirtieth anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at their National Assembly chambers with the aimed to amplify the protection, promotion, fulfilment and respect for the rights of children.

Speaker of the Assembly, Sarata Ceesay said the session will address the handing over of the children code of action to the minister of women, children and social welfare and members of the parliament will debate on issues affecting their various regions.

Mariama T Jawo, member for Upper River Region (URR), who spoke on child sexual abuse, said the act is rampant in URR, especially in schools where teachers abuse students day in day out by threatening them through marks.

‘‘Children are also abused by their family members including uncles and sometimes their own fathers,’’ she said, calling on the government to find immediate solutions to child sexual abuse.

Mariama Jallow, representative of Lower River Region (LRR) said children of LRR are affected in terms of education with the absence of laboratory equipment.

She said there are more than ten schools in LRR but only few are with standard laboratory equipment, which hinders the science field. “I urge the government to provide standard laboratory equipment in LRR so as to promote quality education.”

Yahya Camara, from Central River Region (CRR) said child marriage is affecting children in The Gambia especially in CRR, saying giving out children in marriage is part of seizing their rights.

Isatou Adama Jobe, member for West Coast Region (WCR) said her region needs proper hospitals, adding that drugs issued to patients are wrapped in papers which she said is incorrect.

Alagie Ceesay, who spoke about discrimination among children said most schools did not use sign languages, saying the deaf and the disabled are facing lot of challenges when it comes to access to education. He urged the government to build more school for the deaf and disabled in Upper, and Lower River Regions.