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CJ Agim authors 'The Gambia Legal System'

Feb 4, 2010, 1:11 PM

The current Chief Justice of the Gambia, Justice Emmanuel Akomaye Agim, has authored a book delving into The Gambia's legal system. The 235-page book that this paper has laid hands on, courtesy of the Timbooktoo Bookshop, covers a wide range of topics on The Gambia's legal system.

Divided into seven chapters, the book covers, among others, "What constitutes a country's legal system; the Customary law; the Sharia (or Mohammedan) law; the English law; the Gambian legislation or status (Enacted law); Interpretation and the Institutions of administration of law".

The book that is highly recommended for the public, law students and home study is aimed at examining the foundations and structures, systems and the relationship between the realisation of the expectations of the society in terms of access to justice.

Chief Justice Agim will be hosted by Timbooktoo Bookshop on Monday 8th February 2010 between 12pm -2pm for a one-to-one autograph session of his latest book, entitled "The Gambia Legal System".