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Church of Christ Central Congregation holds seminar on professional ethics

Jun 10, 2014, 10:49 AM | Article By: Fatou Jallow

Church of Christ Central Congregation Serrekunda recently organised their annual youth seminar at the Father Farrell Memorial Hall at Westfield, Serrekunda.

This year’s seminar brought together youths, preachers and religious leaders on the theme: “Professional Ethics, a means and an end to a successful career”.

Speaking at the seminar, the youth leader of the organization, Brother Jacob Jatta, said the Central Church of Christ does not only engage on religious education but also involves in the secular.

He said the church in a bid to fulfilling the above, in 2011 organised their first seminar on the theme: “Medical compatibility a predict visit to a successful marriage”.

He said professional misconduct and malpractice has contributed and is still contributing to the downfall of many individuals and organizations.

To minimize this menace, he added, they thought it prudent as a religious body and also blessed with competent academicians in various noble secular disciplines, to create awareness and emphasize the principles of professional ethics.

Evangelist Moses Jasseh, in his remarks, said profession comes from the Latin word “Professio”, which means acknowledging openly someone’s ideology or principles on what is to be done in a systematic fashion, and    ethics is a custom, habit or a character, or a set of moral values or principles for an individual to uphold. 

He said that in identifying a successful career, one must focus on whatever job he/she is doing, one must avoid the habit of changing jobs, and one must have a high level of commitment to whatever potential he may want to develop.

On the perspective of medical ethics, Dr John Jabang of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital said that since time immemorial medical ethics had been written, but people have coded laws and oaths that are just there to serve as guide to nature.

He said the most important medical oath is the Hippocratic oath, which they all accept before becoming a doctor, adding that guidelines were written by medical practioners themselves to guide them on their relationship between them and their patients.

He added that ethics demand that one understands his/her potentials and in medical ethics it is dedicated to providing a competent medical care with passion.

He added that people should avoid appending one’s signature, because it could sometimes cause a big sentence on oneself.