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Cementing Gambia-Russia ties

Jul 12, 2016, 1:45 PM

We are happy to know that Gambia-Russia ties have gone a notch higher, as a Russia Consulate has just been opened in The Gambia under the charge of Mr Momodou Lamin Manga, a capable hand indeed, serving as Russia consul to The Gambia.

“The opening of the office is a clear indication of strong ties between Moscow and Banjul. The two countries have enjoyed fruitful relations over the past 50 years, and there is a lot in the pipeline to cement ties,” said Mr Lamin Manga, the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in The Gambia.

This development would definitely mean well for both nations. While The Gambia is a peaceful country with many opportunities for lucrative investments and trade, Russia is a country full of potential investors who could invest in The Gambia and greatly contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

Our nation as well stands to benefit in various ways, especially in such sectors as health, technology, education and skills.

As rightly stated by Consul Manga, many Gambians have had the opportunity to study in Russia and lots more could have the opportunity to do so in that great eastern European country as our ties are further cemented through this reunion.

“I am pleased to reveal that two Gambian students will benefit from scholarships offered for the next academic year,” Mr Manga said about the new development.

He added: “There are many areas of interest and cooperation being undertaken by the two governments, which should bring both people closer.”

It is timely that we have now got a consulate in Banjul, as The Gambia and Russia used to cooperate in many fields.

We hope and pray that Russia brings in more support to The Gambia, especially in the field of medicine, education, technology, science and many other areas.

As Russian doctors, engineers and specialists in agriculture could also be of great boost to The Gambia in their various fields of operation.

We also hope Russia come in a big way to assist us in the energy sector, tourism and infrastructure.

There is, indeed, a lot both nations can benefit from each other. Please, keep the bond alive and kicking Honourable Consul!

“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation”

Bertrand Russell

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