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It is just the beginning

Dec 8, 2016, 11:16 AM

We are moved to humbly inform all our esteemed readers, both in and out of the country, that we have just entered a transition period of a new dispensation of our beloved nation The Gambia.

We are much elated to see the sound and good remarks and propositions being sent to us for publication for the consumption of the general public, especially our readership and particularly for the incoming president, his coalition government and supporters.

We really appreciate your efforts and concern to see a peaceful and unified Gambia, as it has ever been, as well as to ensure a development-oriented government that will change The Gambia for the better.

Most of the letters and opinions sent to us for publication have touched on very salient issues, which are all gearing towards putting The Gambia on a right footing.

While some are calling for peace and harmony without regard to race, tribe, religion and other orientations, others are sharing the scope of the roadmap for success for the coalition government, and several are bordering on the priceless aspects of peace, unity, democracy, and the rule of law, saying no to intimidation, segregation and violence, which are inimical to progress.

We appreciate all of these beautiful ideals, thought-provoking and intelligent ideas concerning the way forward in reconstructing a new Gambia with onward march to progress and development.

We are certainly on the path to achieving freedom of expression, and there is light of press freedom at the end of the tunnel. So let’s keep up the momentum, as we provide the medium for a mixture of views and opinions on how our nation is to be governed, even as we see the transition period through to a new authority and dispensation.  We appreciate you all!

“A word for the wise is enough”

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