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Bring Forth the Winds of Change

Jan 14, 2009, 6:13 AM

Once again the good people at GAMCOTRAP are engaged in traveling the length and breadth of the country saving the lives of our women and children.

This time the villages of Sabi, Numuyel, Bakadaji, Allunhareh and Gambisara were among the targets of a five-day community sensitisation in the Upper River Region. There were also courses carried out in various other parts of the country.  Among the very pertinent issues covered in the awareness creation were female genital mutilation, early marriage, gender based violence and other harmful traditional practices affecting the health of women and children. The community sensitisation enlightened the communities on the rights of women and children as stated in the international and regional conventions ratified by The Gambia to protect women and children.  It seems from the report carried in today's paper that they group have been welcomed by elders and circumsisers alike. This is immensely positive news. It shows that the message is finally getting through that these practices accomplish nothing and only negatively affect our population. We fully encourage GAMCOPTRAP to continue in their endevour so that very soon these harmful practices will be a thing of the past.

GAMCOTRAP cannot however do it alone. It is now very important that the government come on board to support GAMCOTRAP in protecting the lives of its citizens. This would be a massive step forward for our nation and would be an example to others in the sub region.

The tide has turned on this issue and we must now move forward with momentum to eradicate these harmful practices so as to protect the lives not only of our women but of our future generations also.