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Boosting the Gambia Navy

Sep 14, 2011, 1:55 PM

The Gambia Navy’s prime responsibility is to protect the country’s territorial waters from all forms of illegal activities.

A vessel with a team of United States Navy officers docked at the Banjul seaport as part of the Africa Partnership Station (APS) to conduct a two-week intensive training for Gambian navy personnel and other security outfits in a bid to strengthen maritime security.

This kind of training would boost the morale of the naval officers enabling them tackle all kinds of threat.

The visit to The Gambia by the latest US vessel, being its final stop after a series of port visits in the Gulf of Guinea to support training engagements with naval forces from Nigeria, Ghana and Benin is another manifestation of the cordial bilateral ties between The Gambia and United States.

Improving maritime safety and security in Africa requires well trained and committed security personnel.

During its stay in the country, the vessel will host instructional courses for Gambian naval forces in the areas of maritime intelligence, non-commissioned officer leadership, and basic instructors training.

To us, these are very important thematic areas that would go a long way in enhancing the effective functioning of the Gambian Navy and their sister agency personnel attending the training course.

As Cynthia F. Gregg, charge d’affaires and deputy chief of mission at the US Embassy in Banjul said, The Gambia like many other countries in the world is facing maritime threats from illegal fishing boats, narcotic trafficking and trafficking in persons.

As such, our naval officers need to be well trained, so as to be ready for any possible threat.

Security at sea is very important, thus the need for regular training of our navy personnel.

We would like to commend the US Navy through its embassy in Banjul for facilitating such training for our officers.

Similarly, we must commend the Gambia Navy for their high sense of professionalism over the years.