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Blessed Sacrament Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Nov 12, 2008, 5:31 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Church of the Blessed Sacrament at Kanifing celebrated their third anniversary amidst joy and elegance. The church is named after the Blessed Sacrament and was consecrated during the year of the Eucharist, Fifth November Two Thousand and Five by His Lordship Bishop Michael Cleary CSSp, The Pontificate of Pope Paul 11 and the Vicariate of Rev. Fathers Peter Gomez and Anthony Gabisi. Fr. Tony Sonko worked hard to put it straight and left it functioning in the hands of Rev. Fr. Peter Stephen Lopez, who now serves as the priest in charge. The Blessed Sacrament Church is still under their mother church of St. Therese Parish and not yet a parish on its own. The parishioners and their able priest, Fr. Lopez have worked relentlessly to raise the name of the church within a short period of time. Thousands of parishioners and well wishers were present to grace the occasion.

Church of the Blessed Sacrament began on a good footing and has continued since.

The need for a Church at Kanifing Estate was rife thus the CBS. The Church strives to make their presence felt and within three years it now stands high and the name going far and wide. It is still not a Parish but it seems like one. The joy and love moves many from other Parishes to be part of it.

The 3rd anniversary was an attraction, calling Catholics, Muslims and other Christians and well wishers to be a part of the joyful celebration. The big church was jammed packed and the outside was full to their satisfaction.

The Priest in charge, Rev. Fr. Peter Stephen Lopez was delighted at the participation of the Religious and the lay faithful. He says, "I am delighted to see all of you gathered here to celebrated 3rd anniversary of dedication of Blessed Sacrament Church, which coincides with the dedication of the St. John's Basilica in Rome. We welcome you all to our celebration and may God increase your joy as you share with us."

He welcomed all visitors especially those who were given some functions to perform.

The mass was a spirit filled experience moving every body spiritually and emotionally amidst beautifully composed songs that matched the occasion. Children and the elderly danced as the choir pumped songs of joy and thanksgiving. Many visitors vowed to be coming to the Church to see what they have experienced during their 3rd anniversary. It could also be recalled that CBS is one of the first churches to have a joint meeting and association with their

Muslim brothers in Kanifing headed by Imam Baba Leigh and Rev. Fr. Peter S. Lopez and others. Their dialogue continues to attract admiration from many corners.

The chief celebrant, Rev. Fr. Bruno Toupan requested for a repeat of the entrance hymn, echoed by the choir and the congregation and demanded for a deep reflection on the lyrics of the song and not only the soul moving rhythm.

In his sermon Fr. Bruno, Principal of St. Peter's Senior in Lamin said, if a fountain or water would gust out from the CBS, all trees and plants would grow, people would have a lot to eat and celebrate in Kanifing and there will be plenty of fish too. "The Samaritan woman had asked for living water. Jesus promised that living water," Fr. Bruno said.

He further says, "When we have a friend we always take time out to go and see them- "Dohantu." You should also visit the Church - the Blessed Sacrament, not only when you come for Church meetings but real "Donate" to see your friend Jesus sit and look at him and tell him about that visa problem, job, difficulties and more. But if you have the visa you need to come again and tell and thank him."

Fr. Bruno said people should copy from an old man who came to sit in Church only to look at Jesus and Jesus looks at him, he had said to a young curious boy.

He said people were the temple of God." The nicest temple should be our inside.

We are to keep the temple happy it belongs to God and whatever condition we are in, he will come to visit us," Fr. Bruno said.

He said people should come to tell God their problems, be it with their husbands, wife, work or any where God will be by them. He urged everyone to keep their temple safe and not to sell or desecrate it or else when Jesus comes he will flog them in his temple.

"If Jesus should come with a cane, will he beat you? Will he meet money changers, thieves, cheats, crooks etc?

Let us fight hard for Jesus to come and give us that peace, amen," Fr. Bruno said.