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Let's Keep Our Environment Clean

Jun 23, 2009, 6:50 AM

The need for us to maintain our environment clean is very fundamental. This hygienic practice will no doubt promote good health, thus reducing diseases such as malaria.

We urge our local councils to invest in waste management and to initiate annual awards to deserving individuals and associations or institutions so as to promote good community sanitation practices as an incentive.

It's vital that we seriously take up national clean-up exercise, as according to health officials, it is making a great impact on the environment.

We call on all to support the government by desisting from littering.

In the same vein, we urge all to participate in national clean- up exercises.  Similarly, we urge the country's private sector to invest in the recycling of refuse.

This will no doubt create employment for the unemployed youths.

We also implore all and sundry to properly handle wastes in the country.

It is not a secret that littering wastes in the streets, illegal dumping of wastes as well as putting rubbishes in public place are all punishable offences. Yet some people behave otherwise. Civil society organisations can also provide both moral and financial support to grassroots organisations, such as community-based organisations.

A clean environment is a healthy environment! It's also next to godliness.