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Bakadagi Bar & Restaurant set to give tourists, customers maximum service

Oct 25, 2013, 11:27 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

As the tourist season fast approaches, many hotels and restaurants are expected to be full and frequented by tourists, said the general manager of Bakadagi, Muhammeh Balisa, in an interview with The Point Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Located behind Alliance Franco, Bakadagi is now run by a new management with more developments on the horizon.

“Having a restaurant like this was my dream for long time,” he explained. “Since I travelled in 2007 to Portugal where I was doing the same restaurant job and gained lots of experience, I have been planning to return home to do the same. I later realised that it is better I come back to my own country and use my experience.”

The reason he came back home to establish this outfit, GM Balisa says, is to provide professional service to people and make everyone enjoys themselves at his eatery with cuisine and victuals of affordable prices.

So many activities take place at Bakadagi Bar and Restaurant, such as birthday parties, naming ceremonies and other social functions.

“We operate from 9am to 12 midnight,” Mr Balisa said, adding that he is earnestly preparing for this year’s tourist season to render maximum service and meet customers’ expectations.

“I am also planning to increase the work condition as well as the number of staff,” he noted.