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Bajana int’l marathon 2017 cancelled

Apr 3, 2017, 10:34 AM

The executive committee of Bajana International Marathon has announced that its marathon scheduled to take place on 15 April 2017, has been cancelled.

Organizers said the reason for the cancellation is that Brufut Marathon Association has scheduled their 2017 marathon on the same date as Bajana International Marathon.

“Brufut Marathon always have their marathon races in December or January and Bajana International Marathon always have their Marathon on Easter Saturday every year,” they said.

Organizers of the Bajana marathon said it came as a shock to them to learn that Brufut Marathon has this year scheduled their race foe 15 April - Easter Saturday, which is the day Bajana International Marathon takes place annually.

“Since the inception of Bajana Int. Marathon in 2013, Bajana Int. marathon always takes place on Saturday Easter Weekend,” the committee said.

“We wish to make it abundantly clear that Bajana Marathon was not contacted either by Brufut Marathon Association or any association governing the running affairs in The Gambia regarding our Annual Easter Marathon to avoid any conflicts on the date as it is a known fact that Bajana Marathon takes place in Easter”.

“Bajana Int. Marathon has been advertising our race and registering international runners on our website and Facebook page. Trophies for the marathon have been ordered from the UK and we had registered runners from the UK, Holland, Spain and Germany; all due to arrive in The Gambia on 12th of April 2017.”

The committee said further: “We have contacted all international registered runners that this year’s race has been cancelled and we have already informed them that Brufut Marathon will take place on that date for those who still want to come and run in The Gambia.”

Concluding they said: “In the interest and welfare of Gambian Athletes, two marathon races cannot take place in The Gambia on the same date.”