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Another step forward for football development

Dec 10, 2012, 10:11 AM

The adoption of the Gambia Football Association’s Constitution by a two-thirds majority of the stakeholders over the weekend is a very good step in the normalization of Gambian sports.

Even though it went through some amendments, it a good boost for the development of football in the country.

Some of the issues opposed by the delegates might sound relevant, but the beauty of democracy is to allow people to speak their minds and exercise their right to say “yes” or “no” with regards certain things.

We would like to commend the GFA normalization committee for their efforts in trying to develop football in the country.

It was essential for the normalization committee to be given all the required support to enable them accomplish their task with huge success.

We, therefore, commend all those who took part in the weekend forum, and encourage all stakeholders in sports development to keep sporting.

We believe that issues such as regional competitions are important, thus the need to prioritize.

Developing football in the regions is essential, and should have been highly considered by the delegates.

It is important for the stakeholders in the development of football in the country to always put the country first before self.

After all national interest supersedes individual interest.

We, therefore, call on the stakeholders to put aside their individual differences and work together for the development of football and sports, in general, in the country.

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