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Woman allegedly duped of over D200,000

Dec 10, 2012, 10:06 AM | Article By: Yusuf ceesay

Adiatou Conteh, who earlier testified before Magistrate Dawda Jallow of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, allegedly told the court that Musa Jawo and Alagie Jawo, who is said to be at large, duped her of over D200,000 through means beyond her imagination.

Continuing her testimony on 4 December 2012, Adiatou said that when the accused person made the money appear, the voice continued and said to her that the money that appeared was what Alagie took out for her to see but there was much more out there to the tune of millions.

She posited that the voice said she could not take the money because it was hot, adding that the voice said an amount but she could not make D230,000 available because she did not have it.

She adduced that the voice said it would reduce it to D150,000 and the balance he was going to give to a marabout for ‘wirrda.’

Ms Conteh said she was very scared and she thought there was something following her, adding that she asked the voice when the money was needed.

She narrated that the voice said she should try and make the money available, and that she should not mention what she saw to anybody, and if she did, some misfortune would happen to her.

She testified that she left the area, adding that after about one week, she was able to come with D150,000 and contacted Alagie and told him that she had the money, and that she would give it to him unless they went back to where she heard the voice.

She said she went to meet Alagie with the money and that it was Musa Jawo, (the accused in court), she saw with Alagie, adding that she handed the money to Musa.

Ms Conteh posited that Alagie told her that Musa was the ‘Ginn’ and he, Musa, had appeared in a human form, further stating that after she handed over the money, Musa told her that she should not be worried with anything because all her worries were over.

She testified that Musa also told her that whatever Alagie told her, it was coming from the ‘Ginn’ and it should take more than two days and that she would receive all the money she was expected to receive.

She said that was the time she left. which was on a Thursday evening at 4pm.

Ms conteh adduced that on a Saturday earlier in the morning, Alagie phoned her  and told her that it was the ‘Ginn’ that informed him through the phone that she should go to Gunjur to receive the money.

She said Musa told her that it was Alagie who told him that the ‘Ginn’ was standing near him (Alagie) and wanted to speak to her, adding that Musa told her that before she could speak to the ‘Ginn’, she should recite a verse in the Quran which was “Asalamalaikum Yasamaru”.

She said after saying this, she heard the same voice she had been hearing coming from the bush, and that it was strange.

She posited that the voice told her that her problem would be solved and that the money had come down.

She said the voice further said that she still had to take out some charity because it came from a Muslim family, and that it was a very big family, adding that the voice said the entire family had to come together to agree to release the money to her, and that the ‘Ginn’ was the head of the family.

Ms Conteh revealed that the voice told her that she needed to try and go with D25,000, adding that she had to plead on the telephone that she did not have the money.

She stated that the voice told her that it would reduce it to D20,000, because they needed to buy kola nuts and bitter kola.

She said she asked them how she was going to take the money to them, adding that Alagie asked her to send the money to Musa through Western Union, since he, Alagie, was at Gunjur.

She posited that the voice continued to tell her that Musa was just like a servant to the ‘Ginn’.

She stated that she sent the D20,000 to Musa through Western Union, adding that Alagie phoned her on a Tuesday and told her that Musa had told him that he had received the money.

She stated that she sent monies four times through Western Union.

Ms Conteh adduced that through the telephone, she was told the D20,000 was not enough for them to take out the charity, and she was asked to give them the remaining D5,000, which she did.

She said Alagie would phone her so that she could speak to the ‘Ginn’ on the phone, adding that the ‘Ginn reminded her that it was Alagie who told her to take out a sheep as charity but she could not.

She testified that the voice said the money could come down, but it would not benefit her, and that she should take out D7,500 as charity and send it through Money Express.

Ms Conteh said she thought they were taking her through trauma, and because of the trauma, she did not know what was happening to her.

She further narrated that Alagie promised to bring the money to her at 7pm, and further told her that it was the ‘Ginn’ that wanted to speak to her on the phone.

She posited that the ‘Ginn’ told her on the phone to send D33,000 through Money Express to Musa, which she did.

The case was adjourned till 13 December 2012.