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Gamcel Subscribers Bemoan Poor Network

Sep 10, 2008, 6:00 AM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang

Following reports last week that a heavy storm, accompanied by rains, destroyed the Gamcel antenna in Gunjur Kombo South, residents in the area who are using Gamcel lines have expressed frustration over the poor network coverage for the past week. They are calling on the company to remedy the situation.

According to one Lamin S. Darboe, Ex-chief of Kombo South and a Gamcel subscriber, residents of the area and its surroundings have for the past six days been experiencing a serious loss of network. This, according to Mr. Darboe, has caused a serious "communication barrier" to subscribers who, he said, believe in Gamcel.

"Though the antenna was destroyed by the storm, the concerned authorities should not take that as an excuse but they should, at the soonest possible time, try to improve the situation," he said.

Mr. Darboe added that people are no longer able to wait for this problem to be solved as they have been loosing thousands of Dalasi due to the communication barrier. "We don't want to join any other GSM company other than Gamcel but if the situation continues, we will be left with no other option than to transfer to either Africell or Comium," he asserted.

For another supposed Gamcel subscriber, who wished to remain anonymous, Gamcel being the a national company should not allow such a problem to happen as it wouldn't tell well on the company's operation.

"Communication is an essential part of life and nobody can afford to loose it. Gamcel should do all that they can to solve this problem so as to maintain their subscriber base in Kombo South," he said.

Many Gamcel Customers who spoke to our reporter expressed similar sentiments, while calling on Gamcel to come to their aid.

Speaking on the issue, the senior sales and marketing manager with Gamcel, Mr. Kebba Bojang, asked Gamcel customers to be patient while the company works on the problem. He assured them that they will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Mr. Bojang described the incident as a natural calamity and beyond the control of Gamcel. "It is not negligence on our side but we are appealing to our customers to be a little patient," he said. He explained that their technicians are already on the job to install new antennae and with this, he promised, that just a storm will not interfere in the future. 

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