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Alleged theft case begins

Oct 28, 2011, 2:41 PM | Article By: Isatou Senghore

The trial on a charge of theft involving one Victoria Mendy, a banker, commenced recently at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

Testifying as the first prosecution witness (PW1), Lamin Sanyang told the court that he works at EcoBank Kairaba Avenue as head of operations and technology.

He said he knew the accused at EcoBank branch at Kairaba Avenue, adding that he could recall the day of the incident surrounding the accused with deficiency affecting customers’ account in her user name and password.

He said in December 2010, a customer, one Francis Harry Faye, came with a complaint that there was some unauthorised withdrawal against his account.

Still testifying, PW1 said they had a meeting with the said Francis Harry Faye, and the bank legal counsel, adding that during that meeting, Mr. Faye told them that the accused visited him at his office to confess that she was messing with his account.

He said Mr. Faye said he told the accused that she did not mess with his account, but EcoBank.

The witness said he personally arranged to meet the accused at EcoBank Kanifing Branch and confronted the accused in the presence of the Branch Manager, Fatima Sonko, and that was on 4 January 2011.

He said that was the time they said they were going to forward the case to the police, but the accused told them that she was going to call her aunt, who confirmed that the accused reported herself to the family and they had arranged to settle the money.

He said they insisted and reported the matter to the police.

Further testifying, PW1 told the court that they had a disciplinary sitting with the accused and the accused said she did that in order to balance her teller tin.

He said the disciplinary committee told her that was not the normal practice of balancing teller tin.

The witness further told the court that the accused said she was doing that to help somebody to have money for a visa, but the person fraudulently withdrew the money.

He said that person was happened to be a staff and arrangement was made for that person to report to the police headquarters in Banjul, who confessed that the accused told him to help to fund her shortages.

He said they received several complaints with other customers that they gave their monies to the accused for deposit, but she never deposited the monies in their accounts.

PW1 said the last complaint they received was on 24 August 2010, adding that internal audit was conducted between August 2010 and 6 January 2011.

He said a report was produced which showed that EcoBank was liable due to the accused’s deficiency and the report was handed over to him as the head of operation.

He further adduced that the case was reported to an agency called TopLink, who brought the accused to work for EcoBank.

He said the Kambeh Kafoo went to EcoBank Westfield branch to deposit into their account, but to their surprise, the account was never opened, adding that the Kambeh Kafoo confirmed that the opening package was given to the accused, who told them that the account would be opened and the money would be deposited.

In summary, the witness explained the procedure of deposit and withdrawal.

The case was then adjourned till 2 November 2011.