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Albinos: Why are they killed in Tanzania?

Feb 16, 2015, 9:40 AM | Article By: Alieu Jobe

Why are albinos killed in Tanzania? This is a question that we all need an answer to.

As we all know, albinos in that East African country are killed for their body parts, which according to witch doctors there bring good luck to the people seeking to get rich or become successful.

So they believe that the body parts of an albino are the solutions to solve those problems.

But are those witch doctors doing this know they are committing a crime against humanity?

This is because there is no genuine reason why they should kill innocent albinos to make a fortune out of their body parts.

Albinos are like any other person, and have the right to survive to the fullest without any problems; they are not different from other people living in the society.

Their only difference is their colour, which is due to a lack of pigmentation in their skin that made them to be fair in complexion.

So is it a crime to be an albino? To the extent that you are killed to make money by selfish people who don’t care about other people’s precious lives, because they are just greedy and wanting.

The big question here is what the authorities in Tanzania are doing about this cruel and inhuman act, because killing innocent albinos is a very big crime that should not be left to go down the drains.

These people should be protected and respected, because they are a part and parcel of the society and have the rights that other people are enjoying.

Just imagine an innocent albino walking in the street and just got his or her arm totally cut off by a greedy man with a machete, or even have their entire body parts cut off - is that the way these people should be treated?

What have they done wrong to endure all these barbaric actions, which should not even happen in the first place?

Albinos are perfect human beings who should be free to live peacefully in any society and interact with other people.

We should not see them as different people, because there is nothing wrong with them, and they are also perfect human beings who have all rights that other people have.

It is even said that in Tanzania they have to hide from the people that target them, especially whenever elections are conducted in that country; because politicians believe their body parts would make them win the hearts and minds of the people.

That wrong concept has caused albinos there not to even go and vote in elections, which is their constitutional right, just because they fear for their lives.

There should be a solution to this problem as soon as possible, so that albinos should be able to live in peace and enjoy their rights in society as they are supposed to.

The Tanzanian authorities have to act quickly and deal with this problem, for the safety of all albinos in that country and put in place strict laws that would prevent future attacks against innocent albinos, that are brutally killed and denied their very existence by people who do not care about their right to life.