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Adieu! Assan Musa Camara

Sep 17, 2013, 11:20 AM

It is from Allah that we came, and it is to Allah that we shall all one day return. It’s through death that people are separated from their children, parents, friends and loved ones.

News of the death of Assan Musa Camara, a politician of renown in this country, shocked many people.

It is for this reason that this paper finds it fitting to pen this piece in respect of a fallen hero in Gambian politics.

As Alhaji Mansour Njie, the veteran broadcaster recalled, the late Assan Musa Camara started as a teacher at Kristi Kunda in the Upper River Region (URR).

He was a member of the United Party of Pierre Sarr Njie before joining the PPP when it was formed.

The late Assan Musa Camara contested and won on several occasions the Kantora Parliamentary seat.

He also served in government in various ministerial capacities, including as one of The Gambia’s vice presidents.

Assan Musa Camara had contributed immensely to the socio-economic development of this great nation.

In fact, during the 1981 abortive coup attempt, the late Camara served as acting president as Jawara was away at the time.

After he left the ruling PPP, he founded the Gambia People’s Party (GPP).

It was no surprise, therefore, that people from all walks of life converged at his family home in Banjul to pay their last respects to this great man, who contributed to the development of this country throughout his life.

Assan Musa Camara was a pious Muslim, and is survived by a wife and children.

Whilst we extend our sympathy to the Camara family, we pray that the Almighty Allah grant his departed soul eternal peace.

“Death does not take the wise man by surprise, he is always prepared to leave”.
Jean de la Fontaine