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Farato Imamship Crisis Resolved But.

Nov 25, 2008, 5:12 AM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

Despite efforts by the new chairman of Farato Village Development Committee Mr.Saikou Njai and The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) to resolve the Imamship crisis in Kombo South Western Region their exist still some problems.

In their bid to resolve the long standing Farato Imamship crisis, The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) send a delegation to the village to address the situation. To that effect, a meeting was convene on October 26th at the said mosque which was attended by the various Kabilo heads, Imam Ratib of Farato, Imam Samba Bah, Alkalo among others. After the meeting, GSIC in a letter dated November 11th 2008 recommend the following: Firstly, Imam Samba Bah must be removed from Imamship of the mosque with immediate effect. Secondly, Villagers, in consultation , should  chose a suitable Imam for their mosque, such selection shall be base on mutual understanding and not tribalism, nepotism or sectionalism. Thirdly, The Imam who will be selected shall bring peace and harmony to the Muslims of the village. Fourthly,The said Imam Samba Bah should not establish a mosque of his own in his compound that is not too far from the village mosque. Finally, GSIC further recommended that all properties of the village mosque shall be confiscated and received from the said imam.

Meanwhile, despite the above directives Imam Bah seems not to be complying fully. Yes he is no longer the Imam of the mosque but Bah is still said to have transferred the mosque microphone and other properties to his compound where he establish a mosque.

According to sources the community is in desperate need of the microphone which is now hang at the compound of Imam Samba Bah. The sources went further to say that the microphone in question was donated to the Babylon mosque some years ago by one Tamsir Cham a residence of the village. It is reported that prior to his removal from the position of Imam 90% of the worshipers at the mosque had ceased to attend prayers at that mosque. Since the appointment of the new Imam a large percentage of these people have once again returned to the mosque for prayers.

Meanwhile, the Point have been reliably informed that the community unanimously selected Oustass Ba Jerreh Darboe as Imam, Babagalleh Jallow and Ismaila Jammeh as 1st and 2nd Deputy Imams of Babylon mosque.

Efforts were made yesterday to reach to Imam Samba Bah for his reaction but to no avail.