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A partner in deed

Jan 16, 2015, 10:31 AM

The European Union has just started to implement a new project of 2.7 million euro to improve access to justice and legal education in The Gambia, with the aim of contributing to democratic and economic governance in the country.

Through this project, the EU has once again demonstrated its unflinching support and commitment to the development of The Gambia and the Gambian people for which they deserve a tap on the back.

Among the development partners of The Gambia, the EU stands out, for helping the country to achieve its development goals through various ways.

This 2.7-million euro project, out to contribute to access to justice and legal education, for especially women, is a manifestation of the EU’s support to The Gambia in areas of need.

It is part of a bigger project estimated at 10 million euro available for the implementation of various governance programmes in The Gambia.

Governance should not be viewed in isolation, but as a critical fact for the efficient functioning of a modern economy and for fostering social well-being.

Several researches have shown that countries can derive large development dividends from improved governance.

It is estimated that if a country improves its governance from a relatively low level to an average level, it can almost triple its income per capita in the long term and reduce infant mortality and illiteracy.

Experts say many countries get into a quagmire or have their development strides hindered because of weaknesses in institutions of governance.

Therefore, the EU, whose support to The Gambia in various areas like infrastructure, education and health has been outstanding, deserves commendation for pumping a lot of resources to further strengthening and improving the country’s governance sector.

When governance is not properly structured, policymaking in other areas is also compromised and we don’t want to get into that situation hence the EU is a partner that is out to support in that and other areas.

“Researches have shown that countries can derive large development dividends from improved Partnership”

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