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Apr 22, 2016, 11:23 AM | Article By: Adam Jobe

In a family setting, the utmost respect must be paid to the mother.In fact, according to doctrines of Islam, heaven lies in the hands of mothers.Regardless of which religious background one is from, mothers are revered.

Mothers are so powerful that lack of their presence or love can devastatingly affect the life of a child.Children who do not have mothers’ presence in their lives often struggle morally, socially, and spiritually in life.

Mothers are the first doctors, the first therapists, the first teachers, the first dieticians, and the first ministers.Being the first instructors on every subject, mothers are also the foundation for comparison of all data that will be learned after the child leaves her care.

Mothers are irreplaceable in a family.The beauty, though, is that our society has taught us so much love, respect and care for our mothers, generally.

One of the greatest gifts a mother can give her child is the gift of feeling at home. A house that is not a home, no matter how luxurious it maybe, is a barren house.It is our mothers who make us to feel at home.We owe our mothers a big thanks for sacrificing their time and energy for us all the time; for teaching us what really matters in life, and for pointing to us the values and standards for daily living.

Fatou Jobe-Jammeh, a mother of five, explained the joy of being a mother.

“The greatest joy of being a mother is watching your children grow and mature, under your guidance, to be the person that you want them to be,” she said.“This process for me is a pure joy; of course there are hard times as with most things in life, but being someone’s mother and being able to guide them, love them and laugh with them is an honour.”

Madam Jobe-Jammeh said being a good mother goes with a great responsibility.The mere fact of giving birth to a child does not make one a good mother, she said.A good mother means taking care of your kids, being there for them and most importantly, showing them unconditional love every second of every day.

“Every mother should know that being a mother is the highest paid job in the world since the payment is pure LOVE.If a mother molds her children by nurturing in them good behaviour and manners, then she is a successful mother,” she said.

“A good mother should not always be spanking or hitting her child because it reinforces violent behaviour in the kid.Instead, a good mother should always talk to her children and create time for them.”

She said mothers are irreplaceable because there is nothing on earth which can take the place of a mother to a child; motherly love to a child is unique.Only a mother can risk her life just to save her child’s life.

For Benedict T. Anemba, his mother is “truly irreplaceable” in his life.

“She loved me ever since I was conceived in her womb, she could have terminated me but rather she decided to keep me.She went through so many pains and suffering just to bring me into this world,” he said.

“The love she has for me cannot be compared to any other love.She never complained when I used to cry all night depriving her of sleep or when I used to make her dirty and uncomfortable.She used to carry me on her back wherever she was going and never complained of body pain or that I was too heavy.”

The young man said his mother is irreplaceable not only because of the love she has for him.

“She always knows and want the best for me and tries to make sure I am comfortable all the time,” he said.

“The heart of my mother is so big that she loves all my perfections and imperfections; she is patient and loving.She is ever ready to make sacrifices for me.The love and bond between me and my mum cannot be broken, not even by death.There is no one in this world that can take her place.”