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3 Banjul Mosques renamed

Jun 26, 2014, 9:44 AM

Three mosques in Banjul have been renamed as follows: The former Independence Drive Mosque in Banjul has changed its name to MASJID ABU BAKR SADDIQ, Half-Die Mosque in Banjul changed to MASJID UMAR BUN KHATAB and James Senegal Mosque Banjul was renamed MASJID ALI IBN ABI TALEB.

A press release issued by the committee of Banjul Muslim Elders stated that the general public is hereby notified that the Independence Drive Mosque in Banjul will henceforth be known as MASJID ABU BAKR SADDIQ and Half-Die Mosque in Banjul known as MASJID UAR BUN KHATAB.

A press release stated that the committee of Banjul Muslim Elders came to this decision after holding many discussions and wide-consultations, and that it was unanimously agreed to effect the name changes as stated above.

“The name change reflects the view that the name of a mosque should be Islamic, dignified and inspiring.

“The names, Independence Drive and Half-Die were mere names of convenience, and had nothing to do with Islam.

“By not having proper names of their own, the mosques simply assumed the names of their locations and changing names as the names of these locations changed.

“Independence Drive Mosque was once called Clifton Road mosque and Half-die Mosque, in a previous incarnation, was Mocam Town Mosque.

“The name of a holy house of worship should be based on something more elevated and permanent than the lottery of changing street names.

“The names we have chosen are of venerated heroes of Islam. Abu Bakr was the first Caliph (of Islam) and, following his death, Umar Bun Khatab became the second.

Both were companions of the holy Prophet (PUBH) committed to the cause of Islam and served Islam with distinction.

“There can scarcely be more propitious names to name the mosques after.

“The changes take effect immediately,” according to the release.

It added that, “in another related public notice, James Senegal Mosque in Banjul is renamed MASJID ALI IBN ABI TALEB”.

“We hope that the new names will be received with approbation and pray that they bring a spirit of auspiciousness to the mosques”.