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2009 Hajj Package is D99, 600

Aug 10, 2009, 6:06 AM

As preparations for this year's Hajj gear up, the Gambia International Airlines Ltd (GIA) on behalf of the Government of The Gambia has pegged the 2009 package at D99, 600 (Ninety-Nine Thousand Six Hundred Dalasis), a statement  from the GIA states.

This amount, according to the GIA statement, mainly includes the cost of air transportation to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (flying direct from Banjul to Medina and Jeddah to Banjul on the return), accommodation in Medina and Mecca, ground transportation within the Kingdom, and more significantly a 'Service Plus' for Mina.

The 'Service Plus', the statement adds, covers furnished tents (fully air-conditioned appropriately carpeted with mattresses), three square meals a day, 24-hour services of beverages throughout the five-day stay in Mina, administered by the Municipality of Mecca.

The statement, however, advises the intending pilgrims to pay the package within reasonable time at GIA Travel Agencies in Banjul and along

Kairaba Avenue