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OPINION: Open Letter to President Adama Barrow

Aug 2, 2017, 12:44 PM | Article By: Saidina Alieu Jarjou

You’re Excellency,

I take this golden opportunity to congratulate you on your victory and celebration of the independence of our dear mother land under your visionary leadership in the smiling coast of Africa.

Your Excellency Sir, being the chief servant of the Gambian people. I think that it is quiet important to bring to your attention issues that will make The Gambia huge and great as per your philosophy “one Gambia, one people, and one nation”.

You Excellency Sir, once again may I remind you that there are many inmates in various prisons across the countries who are Gambians. I deem it necessary for them to take part in the voting processes to elect their candidate since they are Gambians too.

The inmates encompass a large portion of the population, whom are not represented since they don’t vote for the person of their choice who shall represent them at such important tradition such as Presidential, Parliamentary, Councillorship and Mayoral. In other to make The Gambia the last place of hope on earth.

Your Excellency, I am appealing to you and your administration to make a SWOT analysis and a feasibility study to access the impact of my request as per the voting of the inmates.

In another development road accidents have been on the increase in the country in spite of the precaution of the traffic authorities. Many young and innocent persons lose their lives every day.

These road accidents occur due to the lack of civic sense in the people and their ignorance of road and traffic signals. The pedestrians are overrun because they try to cross the roads at places of their choice. The number of accidents of people riding scooters and bicycles are very high because most of the young men are beginners and do not know how to ride on traffic.

Another cause of the fatal accidents is rash driving. The truck drivers are mostly dead drunk and, therefore, care not a fig for traffic rules. They drive their trucks at a high speed even through congested localities, and crush down whoever comes in the way.

It is high time that authorities took a serious view of the lapses on the part of the drivers. This can be done only by levying heavy fines and the forfeiture of their licenses. Licenses, too, should be checked frequently.

I shall be grateful if you kindly give publicity to the matter so that the traffic authorities wake up to the need of security of the people and take strong measures against the erring drivers.

The Gambia belongs to us The Gambians both those home and abroad, and by putting our thoughts on paper we shall reach at a solution.

Finally I take this superb prospect to thank you on your dynamic headship style in ensuring all Gambians the freedom of expression.

Thank you

Saidina Alieu Jarjou

Activist/ Blogger