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Profile of Omar Mendy, Gambian veteran Singer

Mar 11, 2022, 1:48 PM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Born in the village of Mbankam in Lower Niumi in The Gambia, a vocalist. Omar Mendy grew up with a love of music. He started fiddling  with guitar and trying his voice at around age 12 in the late nineties, Omar grew up around the authentic rhythms  of his Manjago origin mixed with the sound of Manding, Jola and other ethnic groups in the region.

In the late nineties, Omar operated a popular beach bar in the Tourism Development Area (TDA). It was during this period that he met some musicians and they formed what was then known as the ‘Fula Band’. They became friends and shared the same passion for good music. This gave Omar the opportunity to play with a band and write songs. The band later disintegrated after the beach bar was closed and most of the members returned to their native Senegal while others found their way to Europe.

Omar stayed in Gambia to pursue other work and raise a family. Recently all members of the former band (Fula Band) gathered in Dakar, Senegal for a reunion. It was during this time they decided to record this beautiful music you now enjoy. This music that we call Afro Manding is an expression of the exotic sounds of the Gambia blended in melodious rhythm mixed with pulsating precious demonstrating the various sentiments of the ethnic groups that make up our beautiful country, The Gambia.

It is the unifying experience that dates back to the lengendary days of Gambian bands such as IFANG BONDI and GELEWAR and the Karamtaba Band. This effort is meant to continue the work of those pioneering bands and to make AFRO MANDING the brand of the Gambian music scene.

Omar also went to mention that is currently ill and needing overseas medical treatment but is still active taking care of his family and continue to work with the band and has a song with Jaliba called Asene Ngafi which was done with YAAGON BAND. The band is available for booking by calling the following numbers 7699225/ 2798074/ 3935299/ 7459267.

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