Tijan Jaiteh presents sports materials to regional sports committees

Oct 15, 2021, 12:14 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Goodwill Sports Ambassador Tijan Jaiteh on Wednesday presented sports materials worth D350, 000 to seven regional sports committees across The Gambia.


Ambassador Jaiteh held the presentation at the Independence Stadium boardroom under the supervision of the National Sports Council.

The materials donated to the regional sports committees were sets of jerseys, two gloves and two footballs.

The benefitted regions were West Coast Region, Kanifing Municipal Council, Banjul City Council, Lower River Region, North Bank Region, Central River Region and Upper River Region. 

The former Gambian international, Tijan Jaiteh, who was accorded with ambassadorship by President Barrow has been engaged in various sporting development activities since his official appointment.

Speaking during the presentation, Tijan Jaiteh expressed delight in making such a gesture, noting that he was wouldn’t be able to do all these things without the support of his family.

“I cannot talk much because I am so happy about these gestures’’, Jaiteh said. 

He thanked his family for their support. 

‘‘I am able to do all these things thanks to their support.’’

He thanked stakeholders and former international and veteran players for supporting to make this gesture possible.

Marcel Mendy, executive director, National Sports Council, applauded the Goodwill Ambassador Tijan Jaiteh and other people that made these materials possible.

He urged other veteran players to emulate Tijan Jaiteh in contributing towards the development of sports in the country.

“One cannot only contribute to the country’s sports only by donating or presenting sports materials like Tijan Jaiteh is doing,’’  Mr. Mendy.

‘‘But one can also assist by advising people in offices which can help in the development of sports in the country as well,” Mr. Mendy posited.

For his part, Mass Axi Gaye, a veteran player and former minister of Fisheries and Water Resources, said he only does not love football but something that is part of him now.

He added that it is always important to give support to community or country.

“We should always try to be helpful in the community we belong to’’, Mr. Gai said.

‘‘These kinds of gestures are very important towards the development of sports in any country,” Mr. Gai said.

He applauded Tijan Jaiteh for the good gesture since his appointment as the Goodwill Ambassador, noting that Tijan has great plans and good intentions for sports  development in the country.

Abdoulie Badjie, the chairman of West Coast Sports Committee, expressed delight for what he described as a milestone gesture from Ambassador Tijan Jaiteh.

“This is one of the most important gifts for the regional sports committees in the country. Empowering the regional sports means empowering the entire Gambia,” Mr. Badjie pointed out.

He applauded government for appointing Tijan Jaiteh as the sports ambassador, noting that Tijan emulated his father and contributes towards the development of sports in the country.

As a goodwill ambassador, the former Scorpion’s legend has lobbied a volleyball coach from Italy for the female national volleyball team without Gambia government spending a huge amount of money to hire an international coach.

The former international footballer who was also the captain of the scorpion national team has achieved a series of recommendations both local and international.