Beakanyang holds marathon in support of Constitutional Reform

Nov 5, 2020, 12:59 PM

Beakanyang, a leading civil society organization in the country recently held a marathon in support of the constitutional reform for The Gambia.

The 6.5 kilometer run began in Nyakoi Kerewan and ended at Yerobawol in Wuli west district, Upper River Region.

The marathon attracted 20 runners drawn from across URR who made four brief stops along the way namely at Kerewan, Taibatou, Sutukonding and Yerobawol.

Muhammed S. Bah, the fastest runner at the marathon addressing participants during question and answer sessions said: “I’m so happy to become this constitutional reform marathon champion. I ran for more seats for women in the National Assembly to ensure more women representation,”.

“As the Spokesperson of Basse Area Council, I’m participating in this run on the issue of corruption. I think as a public institution that is being funded by tax payers’ money we need to support the establishment of Anti-Corruption Commission that is being put into the final draft constitution,’ says Omar Drammeh, Public Relations Officer Basse Area Council.

Speaking on the occasion, Nfamara Jawneh, Executive Director of Beakanyang said the objective of the run is to create awareness among local people on the true content of the final 2020 draft constitution.

‘We are using sports as another innovative way of reaching out to young people and women with draft the draft constitution and to clear misconceptions regarding the draft,’ he said.

For his part, Yaya Sumareh board chairperson of Beakanyang said each of the 20 runners would run in support of a particular provision adding that the final darft is very progressive.

‘The final draft provides for establishment of Anti-Corruption commission to end corruption in this country and our socio-cultural rights are all guaranteed in the final draft, to us these and many other provisions are very progressive and unprecedented,’ said Mr Sumareh.

He added that the current constitution doesn’t reflect the wises and aspirations of Gambian people anymore thus the need to embrace constructional reform.

Mrs Manneh Kijera and Fatou Ceesay women leaders from Sutukonding and Kerewan reiterated the need for the country to usher in the third republic.

The Alkalo of Yerobawol, Alfusaney Bah thanked the participants for promoting the final draft and for chosen his community to host their meeting.

Meanwhile, at the end of the run, participants were awarded cash prices and certificates for their participation.

The activity was funded by the International Republican Institute, IRI.