Ambassador Jaiteh says youth are crucial to sports development

Nov 9, 2021, 1:27 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Goodwill Ambassador for Sport H.E. Tijan Jaiteh has stated that Gambian sports cannot be developed without the involvement of youth at the grassroots level, noting that youth are the future of tomorrow.


Ambassador Jaiteh made these remarks on Sunday in an interview with The Point.

 “We need to help the youth towards the development of sports in the country because they are the future. We have to involve them and create the opportunities for them in whatever we are doing so that they can see themselves in any meaningful development of sports such as football, volleyball, basketball and golf amongst others sports,” he said.

“As for me, I always say that The Gambia is in my blood,” he said, noting that since he was young, his dream and aspiration has always been to serve the country both on and off the pitch.

Aside from representing his country both nationally and internationally, Ambassador Jaiteh noted that it’s also important to give back to the community and the country at large.

“I always try to tap in different types of support across the sports sector by using my experience and feeling towards doing something for Gambian athletes.”

He said that being a sports ambassador and former Gambian international football player do not mean that he has to show some biasness towards the kind of support he gives to the sports sector, adding that he was appointed sports ambassador and not football ambassador.

Tijan, who collaborated with his partners in Dubai and currently secured a 17-day training camp for The Gambia women volleyball team, said his wish and intention was to give equal opportunity and support to all sports in the country. 

He also said that the team currently in Dubai is being supported by the Dubai government.

“I would not have any obligation to withhold any support that came through me and meant for other sports. I call for everybody’s support towards my aim of contributing to the development of sports in the country.” 

Ambassador Jaiteh went on to preach about peace ahead of the December Presidential election. He called on Gambians to embrace peace and stability, as well as called on party supporters to maintain peace and avoid all forms of violence in the country. 

 “I want us (the people) to understand that we are all equal in the country. There cannot be any meaningful development in the absence of peace. We were all born and raised here in the country and whatever we get outside we should bring to the country for its development. We should all know that peace is everything.”

He added that the election will come and go but “after that we should all continue with our developmental aspiration for the country, no matter the outcome of the election.”