Tribute in memory and honour of TGG Senghore, CRG, JP, PRO ECC (VAT)

Feb 1, 2021, 3:52 PM | Article By: J.B.T SENGHORE, Manchester U.K. 28.1.2021

A true legend has fallen and taken his rest, sun rose on the 21st December 1936, sunset 14th January 2021 age 85

I stand here today to give a tribute to my Uncle / Father Thomas Gregory George Senghore  “TGG” commonly known as Tom born in the city of Bathurst, known today as Banjul into a family of 9 to the late George Michael Senghore and the late Caroline Sigga Ndong Senghore both of blessed memories. 

I remember the many wonderful conversations I had with him and many of those I recorded on my phone for reference today, he was a man of great integrity who lived a very simple, humble and dignifying life. If you see today that I know my true identity it’s because of him he always said to me your father was always proud of you, among Herbert’s children you are the only one that knows where your father hails from starting from Banjul all the way up to Basse and on your mother’s side I believe you’ve been all the way up to your grandmother’s village in Palmarin. 

What you are doing will never go to waste, he always said to me on many occasions the same advice my late father gave to me to help the less fortunate. 

A historian, Tom was and most definitely a man in his own league. Senghore Madi Jula setti Mundorr Mbisin, teh ma taggal la Mam Yi in the correct order as you taught me Gerorge Michael, Mundorr Mbisin, Salan Mbisin, Juma Mbisin, Semou Mbisin, Fapwally Mbisin, Jogoi Mbisin 6 boys and 1 girl he said that Senghore Yi jambarr len teh dorn ban kat Len tam, we will never bow we will never surrender and today I realise this must have played a major part on the reasons he resigned from the post of governor of central bank in 1988 at a tender age of 52. 

A man of culture who lived his life like our ancestors did, he travelled the full length and breath of The Gambia and touched many parts of Senegal just to know his origins and trace his roots. 

I believe you have accomplished your purposes on earth, and I take this opportunity to thank my creator for your life, sleep well and take your rest alongside your wife, daughter, son, father, mother, siblings, nephews, nieces and other relatives. 

Tom you served your country to the highest level, and devoted your life to the Catholic Church, your name shall forever be engraved in the history of The Gambia. It’s true a great son of the soil has definitely passed on Jambarr Nga Senghore Madi Jula. 

One of the things I remember him telling me is, nothing is certain in life, always humble yourself however much money you have you will never take it to the grave, you have seen the most richest men and women that the world has ever seen or heard of, where are they today? all dead and gone, never be carried away with the vanities of life. 

Tom again said to me Senghore (Arduna daffa orut, lu nitt wara raggal tigi tigi tigi moi arduna) If material things are what you’re talking about when you say your blessed then your have no idea of what blessing is. 

People need to understand that the truly rich are those who possess a rich heart rather than lots of money.

Sa Legay Bubah Chi Aduna Yalna Don Sa Jengenai Chi Alaheera, Sa bakh La Nyep Di Wakh, Bakh Buga Mboka, Nitti Jama Nitti Teranga, Laba Teh Lew, Yalna Suff Oyof Chi Kawam, Yalna Suff Sedda Chi Kawam, Yalna Deah Done Noflai-Am, Yalna Ko Yaala Haareh Al-Jannah.

Yalna Na Ler Crista Be Ler-Ra Bamel Lam, Yalna Borom Bi Mai Mou Nobelph Ku Ak Jama, Yalna Ko Mariama Ramal Dom Ma Nge Chi Fem Neka Mu Bord Ko Rogante Ko Muss Beh Muss. Amen. 

Yal Na Ko Yallah Yerem Am Nen Yakarr Sii Mom Diko Nyanal. 

(Sleep & Take Your Rest)

Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!