How to keep going even when you don’t feel motivated

Feb 4, 2021, 3:13 PM | Article By: Barrow Touray

Don’t count on motivation as an ally

You are highly motivated. Nothing shall ever derail youin your quest comes rain or shine. You are jam packed with energy similar to that of a glowing beam of light, and above all armed with the motivation to spark action towards the realization of your dreams. There shall be no turning back! You mean business!

But sadly, you soon drop off and lose momentum.The fleetingboost in motivation bursts like a flat deflated tyre leaving you feeling out of touch with your drive.

Your progress then plateaus. You feel stuck again! Life continues asusual.

Thisvicious cycle of rise and dip in motivation becomes a pattern.

You anxiously wait for the next peak in motivation to recalibrate, and start another cycle all over again like the seasons oscillate from winter to summer, and vice versa. With each plunge in motivation, you feel more and more frustrated. Exasperated than ever before.

There is no doubt you want to succeed, you want to progress, you want to be in sync with the grind. To steadily set the wheel in motion, and cover a lot of ground over time.

You may be the most ambitious person, but if you rely on motivation alone, you will un wittingly be putting that foot on the brake. Making continuous progress more and more elusive

Motivation is a temporal feeling of illusion that has no lasting power to consistently ignite you to challenge yourself.

So do you want to leave behind reliance on temporal motivation, switching you back to default, repeatedly weighing you down? And blocking your progress!

Don’t worry the following super powerful tips from the Personal development Gurus will shift you from total dependence on motivation to completely revolutionise your mind set.

And tap into your limitless potential to replenish your drive and push yourself time and time again.

  1. Visualize having achieved it, and embody the supporting habits that will lead you there. Such as consistency
  2. Make it your mantra word, or word of the year. Written and pasted somewhere you will see every single day, before you go to bed, and immediately after opening your eyes to greet the world.

By and large New Year resolutions don’t work. So don’t make this one. This is to charge you up every single day. I learnt this from ladies transformation coach, SisterFatou Ndow

  1. Be ready to be uncomfortable. The comfort zone can be highly addictive.
  2. Set deadlines to tasks
  3. When the going gets tough, ask why? “David Goggins” in his book, can’t hurt me. This was one of the tools that powered him through his navy seals training during evolutions, and hell well
  4. Let it be driven by passion not motivation. According to James Clear, the author of Atomic habits. “Most people think they lack motivation, when they really lack clarity”

Transcend your Environment

Get over the notion that you need motivation around you to show up and tick off your checklist every single day. Yes, it is true that our environment, plays a pivotal role in shaping our behaviors to a large extent.

But you can still combatfluctuating motivation levels, even if part of your circle, family, friends, and communityhave divergent mindsets.

Consider Richard Williams for example. He single handedly taught his girls to become two of the most successful tennis players in the world? Even though he resided in a poor black neighborhood rigged with crime and dire poverty.

A prevailing condition worlds apart from the glamour of the tennis world. But that did not stop him from waking up every single day to relentlessly train the girls.

How about Barack, and Michele Obama,who according to them were hailed from humble backgrounds, and grew up in less privileged neighborhoods, yet they dreamed big.

This is becoming increasingly possible,particularly in this day and age, where free access to books, motivational speakers is a click of a button away. Bringing information to not only your doorstep, but right in your palms on your phone, or laptop to vastly transform yourself-sabotaging habits

Motivation is not going to accompany you every single day you need it! So don’t make it a buddy