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Pipeline community raises concern over laying of stones at DLEAG office

Jan 8, 2021, 12:52 PM | Article By: Fatou Dem

Community of Morro Faal Street of Pipeline in the Kanifing Municipality has expressed utmost concern with the recent laying of stones and compacting of the ground on the road leading to the office of The Drug Law Enforcement Agency-The Gambia (DLEAG).

In a letter addressed to the Managing Director of the National Road Authority (NRA) and obtained by The Point, the community said: “Vehicles are now using this road to escape from heavy traffic from the Pipeline Mosque to Africell thereby causing danger to the neighborhood as they would be over speeding and raising huge amount of dust thus, causing danger to the community and children.”

The people of this community, the release added, are therefore seeking assistance to build humps on the road in order to deter vehicles from over speeding.  

 “The community then took it upon themselves to put sandbags on the roads as humps to reduce the speed of vehicles but this was ordered to be removed by the DLEAG office.”

“The community is very much concerned as the once healthy neighborhood is now polluted with dust and the sound of speeding vehicles endangering the lives of their children.”

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