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GSIC set for congress this weekend

Jan 8, 2021, 12:47 PM

The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council has issued a notice informing the general public that its long overdue general assembly will now take place from 9th -10th January, 2021.

The Council’s spokesperson, Ibrahim Jarju, has also stated in a recent interview that a new president together with new members of the Executive Bureau will be appointed by a handful of delegates without the involvement of the Majalis Sects and Imams throughout the country.

It is worth indicating that the first president of the Council, the late Soriba Gassama, was appointed in 1992 by all the Majalis sects and Imams of The Gambia. However, his successor, the late Banding Drammeh, was instead elected by Majalis sects and Imams in the country.

The current president, Momodou Lamin Touray, was also elected likewise. In fact, in a bid to ensure a proper election process, the Independent Electoral Commission was engaged at some stages for its expertise.

It is therefore logical, fair and legitimate to follow the same procedure in the election of any new president of the Council and new members of the Executive Bureau instead of resorting to an archaic, medieval and undemocratic means of selecting/electing them.

Since the Majalis sects and Imams are the founders of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council, they are categorically stating that any selection/election process that fails to involve the Majalis sects and Imams of the country shall not be recognised by them. Consequently, they shall not grace or honour any event or initiative the Council conducts.

Rawdatul Majaalis, which was also founded by the Majalis sects and serves as their mouthpiece, called on all Muslims of The Gambia, who are the bonafide stakeholders of the Council, to boycott all events hosted by the Council in the event it opaquely and illegitimately appoints a new president and a new executive bureau.

Rawdatul Majaalis shall explore, on behalf of the Majalis sects and Imams, all avenues to ensure that the Gambian Muslim community is represented by a legitimate body instituted according to a legitimate and transparent process. 

President of Rawdatul Majaalis

Baba Abubakar Drammeh


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