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Concerned Gambians launch new movement

Nov 4, 2020, 1:03 PM | Article By: Fatou Bojang

A group of concerned Gambians on Saturday gathered at the Brusubi Tranquil which also marked the launch of a new movement dubbed Gambia First.

The goal of this new movement, which is non-partisan, non-tribal and non-religious, is to contribute to the welfare of people by bringing all relevant stakeholders in society to address some of the problems affecting the country. 

At the launch, Baboucarr Jeng, founder of the movement, said everyone wants to eliminate violence, hunger, disease, homelessness and pollution in society, saying many people like he are alarmed about the schism in the society, which he said, is becoming more destructive. 

“As politicians shout and abuse each other, the decibel levels rise, the social problems they argue about continue to worsen. Crime and corruption run wild, the healthcare system completely ruined, unemployment festers and pollution darken the skies.”

Jeng indicated that politicians seem more focused on getting and keeping power than facing society’s tough challenges.

 “Their primary goal is to create an image that sells well in the market place, even though it’s superficial and lacking in substance in going through”. 

The key to a healthy nation, he added, is to align the social will and the value system with the principle of togetherness.

“That is why I am not really interested in the present politics of the country. I am much more interested in the real job to be done.” he argued. 

Omar Darboe, security adviser Gambia First said the new movement seeks to bring hearts and minds together for the betterment of the whole, saying security job is to save lives and properties. 

Darboe dwelled on some of the security challenges facing the country as well as ethnic and political diversity, which he said, is destroying how society works.

He advised the government to put security of information under the need to know basis (NTK).

“The inability to develop ourselves is as a result of psycho-emotional instability which could be stress related, others. We can’t wait for someone to come save us, we must save ourselves. Commitment links the chain.” he concluded.

Fatoumatta Jammeh, CEO of Single Mother’s Scheme and a youth representative, underscored the importance of the movement, adding that citizens should come together to contribute immensely to the development of their communities and the country at large.

“Why do we have to pull each other down? Let’s support each other and make sure that we achieve that we all desire.” she noted

She called on Gambians to come out and support this noble initiative by supporting its growth as it is a step in the right direction.

She reminded that it is the combination of the government and the people working together in unison and harmony that will lead us to progress that we all desire.

“We must stand together as one people with one goal in order to move forward as a nation.”